Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Matthew Yu receives 2009 SGD Exemplary Contribution Award

Student Game Developers' member Matthew Yu was awarded with a Jefferson Cup for his work with Student Game Developers during the 2008-09 school year.  Matt put a great deal of his personal time into the success of many projects developed over the course of the year, including Recursion (developed in Fall 2008), RGB-DS (developed in Spring 2009), and Skies of Fury (also developed in Spring 2009).  Matt is currently enrolled in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at The University of Virginia. 

The Student Game Developers Exemplary Contribution Award, fondly dubbed by some members of SGD as the "I Am A Beast" Award, was created by the presiding SGD officers during the Spring 2009 semester to acknowledge the contributions a non-director member who went beyond the call of duty for his or her team and also demostrated exceptional motivation towards the success of multiple projects developed by SGD members and ergo the success of SGD as a whole.  The accolade is awarded on yearly and takes into account the contributions of the candidates to Student Game Developers over the course of the entire academic year.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Release: Shark Attack: World Tour

Took us long enough, but we finally got it up! Shark Attack: World Tour is now available for download / installation. Play through Miami and Venice!

Shark Attack requires the Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed to play.

Link to the game included after the break.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Release: Robot Invasion Director's cut!

The director's cut of Robot Invasion has now been released! This release comes a ways ahead of schedule, but all of the requested changes were made and the game is now in a fun, accessible, and polished form. Link and description of changes after the jump.

The game can be found here. Here are the highlights of the changes that have been made:
*Resolution was changed to 640x640 to make the game accessible to people who don't have high-end PCs.
*The game limits where you can place towers. You can no longer place a tower on the path or on the menu frame. The build tower appears green when hovering over an acceptable location and red when hovering over an unacceptable one.
*A "score" feature was added as well as a high score table.
*You can now sell towers and individual powerups by right clicking on the tower or the boxes on the right side of the menu.
*The game caps out at 50 waves, at which point (if you make it that far) you enter a high score to the table. You can also enter a high score if you die before 50 waves.
A more complete list can be found in the readme file.

I hope you enjoy the game! I had a blast directing Robot Invasion, and I highly recommend pitching a project to anyone considering it in the future.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Release: Imperium

Next in line is The Imperium Project. Imperium is a 2D tactics style RPG directed by Dai Yang. The project was developed in Python over the course of the entire year.

The game is available here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Release: RGB DS

RGB DS is now available for all to enjoy. Although it has been designed for the Nintendo DS, you can also play it on a PC with an emulator (which is provided).
Download link after the jump.

RGB DS was developed using PALib and C++ for the Nintendo DS. It's fairly simple to figure out, but hard to master - be sure to check out the readme if you need help setting up.
Download RGB DS here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Release: Robot Thesis

The third out of six to be released, Robot Thesis is now available for download. This version is a slightly modified from the one presented at the expo. Like Robot Invasion, I'm also planning some sort of Director's Cut version with some more polish and content.

Link after the jump.

Robot Thesis was developed using Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 and is intended for use on Windows computers with the latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework installed. This means that if you don't have the latest version of .NET installed on your computer, the game will not work.

Make sure you check out the readme, as it contains all the control information and other useful tidbits.

You can download it here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Release: Robot Invasion

Following the example of Skies of Fury, Robot Invasion is now released to the general public. The version currently available for download is the same version that appeared at the expo a few weeks ago. At some point during the summer a "director's cut", featuring additional content and various bugfixes, will be released.

This game was developed using the GameMaker 7.0 engine, available off YoYo Games here. The director of Robot Invasion has purchased a license, and thus is entitled to the free distribution of the game for non-commercial use. However, the game cannot be modified, disassembled, or altered in any way under penalty of violating GameMaker's EULA. All of the art, animations, music, code, and algorithms were designed by members of this project for the purpose of the game.

Sorry for all of the technical jargon-- you can download the game here.

Release: Skies of Fury

After a bit of a delay caused by The University requiring us to partake in minor technicalities such as final exams, we now are rolling out the release builds of all six projects developed under SGD this past semester. Skies of Fury is the first such project from this past semester to be released.

Download link and more after the jump.

Skies of Fury is a top-down 2D shooter in which the player takes control of an advanced tactical fighter and takes on the continuing swarms of enemies that approach him. To take on the enemy, the player has two weapons: a standard laser, and a charge weapon which can attack multiple enemies at once. As the player scores more points, the primary weapon receives upgrades; these upgrades are necessary as the waves of enemies the player encounters become progressively more difficult.

Skies of Fury was developed using Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 and is intended for use on Windows computers with the latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework installed. Players can use either the keyboard or XBOX360 gamepad for input.

All games posted by Student Game Developers are provided "as is". Skies of Fury is being released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License unless otherwise noted; in the case of SoF, see the readme file for more details.

Without further adieu, you can download Skies of Fury by clicking here.
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