Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Release: Robot Invasion Director's cut!

The director's cut of Robot Invasion has now been released! This release comes a ways ahead of schedule, but all of the requested changes were made and the game is now in a fun, accessible, and polished form. Link and description of changes after the jump.

The game can be found here. Here are the highlights of the changes that have been made:
*Resolution was changed to 640x640 to make the game accessible to people who don't have high-end PCs.
*The game limits where you can place towers. You can no longer place a tower on the path or on the menu frame. The build tower appears green when hovering over an acceptable location and red when hovering over an unacceptable one.
*A "score" feature was added as well as a high score table.
*You can now sell towers and individual powerups by right clicking on the tower or the boxes on the right side of the menu.
*The game caps out at 50 waves, at which point (if you make it that far) you enter a high score to the table. You can also enter a high score if you die before 50 waves.
A more complete list can be found in the readme file.

I hope you enjoy the game! I had a blast directing Robot Invasion, and I highly recommend pitching a project to anyone considering it in the future.

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