Sunday, May 10, 2009

Release: Robot Invasion

Following the example of Skies of Fury, Robot Invasion is now released to the general public. The version currently available for download is the same version that appeared at the expo a few weeks ago. At some point during the summer a "director's cut", featuring additional content and various bugfixes, will be released.

This game was developed using the GameMaker 7.0 engine, available off YoYo Games here. The director of Robot Invasion has purchased a license, and thus is entitled to the free distribution of the game for non-commercial use. However, the game cannot be modified, disassembled, or altered in any way under penalty of violating GameMaker's EULA. All of the art, animations, music, code, and algorithms were designed by members of this project for the purpose of the game.

Sorry for all of the technical jargon-- you can download the game here.


  1. How many waves are there associated with each map? I'm on wave 22 at the moment and sort of wondering if there's eventually a logical end...?

    Good stuff though.

  2. The game is intended to cap out at wave 50, but I don't remember offhand whether or not this was implemented in the expo version. This is already in the director's cut, so look forward to that soon. There's also an actual "score" feature (instead of just money), a high score table, and a bunch of other neat stuff already implemented for the director's cut.


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