Monday, April 6, 2009

Introducing Shark Attack: World Tour

Shark Attack: World Tour is a game that introduces a different kind of gameplay to this years SGD line-up. While RGB is a lightning-fast reflexes puzzle game, and SoF is a lightning-fast reflexes flight shooter game, and [insert tower defense game name here] is a strategic lightning-fast cognitive ability game, and Robot Thesis is a lightning-fast reflexes beat 'em up, and the Imperium Project is a not lightning-fast (seeing a pattern?) turn based fighting tactics / strategy / interactive novel of goodness, SAWT takes a slower more casual approach to gaming.

In Shark Attack you have no enemies. At least, none that can kill you. You are an almighty shark, and your drive is to kill and destroy and get bigger so you can kill and destroy more! That's why in Shark Attack your only nemesis is time - can you beat the clock and get as big as a submarine in less than two minutes? Well that depends on what you eat and destroy.

As a shark, you view everything in the world as one of two things - either an edible or a destructible. Edible's, like fish, dolphins, seals and people are things that you can attack with your bite, and eat. Destructibles, like rocks, coral, shark cages and submarines are things you can destroy by smashing. Many destructibles will have a bunch of edibles hiding in them, too.

As you advance through the game you unlock different levels. The first level is, of course, Miami, the place everyone associates with sharks. Then, by getting a high enough score in the given time limit, you can unlock the next level, and so on, until the very end.

The SAWT team is currently working on a few polish things and adding in support for a world map and a second level.


  1. Dan, I added entry tags to your post so it could be sorted with the other entries.

    Looking forward to seeing some media of the game when it's ready.

  2. Also, I believe we are at least temporarily going with the game "Robot Invasion". However, that sounds an awful lot like Robot Thesis, so we might do something else...

  3. Yes, I'm happy. Although, since SAWT is racing against the clock, wouldn't it be one of the more lightning-fast games? You'll need reflexes and strategy, no?


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