Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Skies of Fury: Progress Video Update

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There are a few new elements in this video. Most readily apparent are:
-yellow offscreen tracking arrows that notify the player of the presence of an enemy just outside the play area
-the player's alternate weapon; player charges up weapon by holding left trigger / tab, and when this is released orange projectiles are launched in a spreading pattern. The number of projectiles launched is dependent on how long the player charged the weapon. Also note the the player can apply 'english' to the launched orange projectiles by using the RightThumbstick left and right / A and D.
-several new enemy attacking patterns displayed in this video
-on Easy and Medium difficulties, the player possesses a shield to designate that he can take a hit without dying. When the player gets hit once while the shield is active, the shield disappears and the player enters the "Danger state".

Not shown in this video is the level transition screen, which calculates player score bonuses at level completion based on what percentage of the level's enemies he killed and his accuracy, and the SoF Formation Editor, an in-house development tool which more easily allows for the creation of enemy attacking formations.

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