Saturday, August 29, 2009

SGD XNA Library Information

To all directors whose projects will be developed in XNA Game Studio 3.0 or later, I have compiled (and I am continuously adding to) a code library for SGD specifically targeted for the XNA development environment. If you wish to use this, please email me for instructions as to how to obtain it.

Here's what the code library currently contains:
  • Keyboard management class; useful for reading input off the keyboard. Can test for presses of a single key, whether a key is being held down, and also for a series of keystrokes (useful for programming cheat codes, for example).
  • Controller management class; useful for reading input off of up to four XBOX360 gamepads.
  • Mouse management class; useful for reading input off of the mouse.
  • Resource pool class; useful for initializing a set amount of objects that will be used repeatedly, such a projectiles from weapons; correct implementation saves time and memory.
  • XML reading and writing capability with any user-defined class
  • Sound effect management class; useful for managing and playing sound effects.
  • Game state management classes; useful for (obviously) game state management.
Planned for future implementations:
  • A simple menu system implementation.
  • A class to create a textured 3D mesh from a 2D image (i.e. a height map)
Any feature suggestions and code submissions are welcome as well; just drop me an email. If you submit code, you will obviously be credited for your work.

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