Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zynga, XNA, and Future Posts

Hi Everyone,

So the first order of business is to announce that Zynga will be coming to give a talk to UVA's SGD about game development, the tools, and the industry. Also there will be SWAG =). Anyone who is interested in gaming is welcome to join. Its this Wed. Sep 29.

Now XNA, the XNA tutorial that we did is currently being edited and will be on the UVA SGD site soon. Once it's up I'll put a link to it here as well. =)

Anyway, we are all really busy with our games and all the teams are off to a good start but if you are still interested in joining the club shoot an email to sgd and we will try to get you on a team, but as the semester wears on it will become harder and harder to do that. Don't worry there is also next semester, and you can always try making a game on your own, we will always be here to help and dish out advice.

Happy Coding!

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