Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Galaxy Raider Spring Semester 2011 Update #1

Galaxy Raider, SGD's epic 3D air/space fighter game, is off to an exciting start this semester. During the last semester, many of the core mechanics were implemented and now the team is working hard to improve and add to the existing content and codebase.

Started as a year-long project, the Galaxy Raider team is still going strong after a rough first semester, with some returning and even more new members, we can expect great things from Galaxy Raider this year. Initially using a previously programmed 3D graphics engine and terrain editor as a framework, the Galaxy Raider team began the work of building a complete game last semester.

Previous Content:
-Physics and player movement
-First weapon and damage system
-Player Ship model
-Original Music
-Original Storyline

Over winter break and during the last few weeks, Galaxy Raider has continued to progress and add new features, some of which are listed below.

New Feature List:
-Auto-targeting laser weapon
-Early stages of a particle engine
-Some basic AI
-Main menu system
-Optimized game engine

Even more features are yet to be added, stay tuned for future updates from Galaxy Raider and the rest of the SGD projects.

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