Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mid-Semester Expo: Success!

This year's Mid-Semester Expo was a raging success!

SC2: Currently have finished our Micro Map, called "The Last Remnants of Char". To find it on, search for just "Remnant" as if you add "Char" other maps show up. Also, it was baller.

Galaxy Raider: Galaxy Raider currently has a nearly (80-90%) complete map editor, and a core game engine, which so far supports a player and movement. (barrel rolls!)

Monolithic: has a lot of disjoint pieces that need to be integrated. We have cool art assets, some cards in the database, and lots of graphical elements.

Colors - The game is coming along. Not much has happened on the surface since the Microsoft meeting, but lots of content is ready to be loaded. The game should definitely be ready by the end of semester. Thankfully it was still playable even know the team suffered some build problems right before the meeting. The team seems enthusiastic and the game should be fun to play when it is done.

All in all, it was pretty baller.

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  1. Yeah, I thought it was pretty sweet.


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