Sunday, January 31, 2010

Archive: Chief Watzon

Chief Watzon is a Nintendo DS platforming game developed using PAlib in the Spring of 2008 by Jeffrey Gaither (director), Nick Parisi, and Akshay Joshi. In Chief Watzon, you control a player who has a projectile that can only be shot straight up and must use his or her platforming abilities to traverse the level, pick up bonus points, avoid enemies, and defeat bosses.

To play Chief Watzon, you must have either a Nintendo DS emulator or a Nintendo DS flash memory cartridge.

You can download Chief Watzon by clicking here.


  1. Can you post the source? I dont mind if you dont want to, I love this game

  2. If you press select at the first room it lets you select level, and theres a secret one called level 0!


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