Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Archive: Recursion

Recursion is a 2D platforming, puzzle game playable on the Nintendo DS. In Recursion, the player is allowed to travel through a level multiple times, triggering buttons to open gates and utilizing powerups along the way. At any point, the player may choose to end their current player and start a new one. However, the previous player still traverses through the level as they did before. If you push down a button with your first player, your second player will later be able to pass through the gate that the first player opened. Recursion was developed by Daniel Epstein (Director), Dan Andrino, Andrew Wilkes, and Sam Wilson (Programming), Matt Yu, Zhiyang Yu, Perri Gillon, and Tim Zhu (Design), and Christopher Hsing and Xu Weishun (Art).

You can download Recursion by clicking here.

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