Thursday, March 26, 2009

RGB entered in Neoflash Competition

RGB DS was entered into the 2009 Neoflash Spring Coding Competition, where it will compete against 17 other DS games. Prizes will be given to the top 10 games, and we hope to win a DS flash cart for SGD to use for future DS development.
Check out the entry post here.

Since entering the competition, we've received a lot of feedback for RGB DS, which is a great thing! There are many complaints that the game is too hard, but they like the idea behind the game. It certainly gives us something to consider as we wrap up development.
Reviews will be coming in shortly (they're open to the public), and prizes will be sent out April 20th.


  1. Could you link to the site / forum where these comments are accumulating?

  2. There are comments all over the place. We pop up in quite a few places under a google search. Anyway, there are some comments on the main forum already linked, some here: , some on the youtube video and we're even in some german blog

  3. This is awesome! Best of luck!


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